Missing Library Content from Adobe CS6?

When authoring a DVD in Adobe Encore I could not locate the huge library content for menus, buttons and backgrounds. I only had a few lame menus, half of which were for Halloween themes! It turns out that Adobe didn’t ship the enormous content with CS6 even if you ordered the disks as I did. I wasted 3 hours but here’s how to get the library content in 20 minutes. Go to this Adobe Page.

To install the “CS6 Functional content” I followed the directions for solution 1 for Mac OS. Then I carefully followed the directions at the bottom of the page, Additional solution: Install the Resource Central library content which had the full library content. I downloaded and used the “Unarchiver” and copied the folder as described. Follow the instructions carefully. Having access to these menus, buttons and backgrounds is worth the time it takes to download and install them.