Editing Skills

The cast and crew in Sedona Arizona

The cast and crew in Sedona Arizona

We had a lot of fun working on the productions you see in our capabilities video shooting action scenes of the UTVs on Schnebley Hill Road in Sedona, and meeting Michael Floyd, the wide receiver for the Cardinals, while filming the Vita Coco spot. You can view the demo video here.

Here is the technical stuff for editing this video:

3D Intro:
While assembling this demo video I added 3D graphics to my logo using After Effects. First, my logo was separated into 8 different layers in Photoshop. In After Effects I moved the different layers in 3D space and added a light to cast shadows and a camera with a pan motion across the text so the shadows would move. The logo layers all rotate together. I used parenting to link the logo layers to a null object that had rotation animation applied.

I used alpha channels to reveal video playing through the text during the three equipment segments. At many edit points I added lighting effects using light leaks clips (flashing, moving colors) with a screen blend mode to add some sparkle to transition points.

Green screen was used for two clips to composite a layer over background video. The editing skills used were mostly with the ultra key effect in Premiere Pro. Lens flare effect was added to the lighting equipment scene and it’s opacity (brightness) was keyframed as I passed in front of the light. We displayed most of the equipment we bring to the production including a 10″ Kessler Crane.
cc-crane-still-650wI used curves for color correction to match clips from three different cameras, Panasonic, Canon and GoPro.

Lets have some fun with your next video.

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Audio Equipment for video

audio with Sadie_650 wide

We own two Zoom audio recorders and 6 mics to record the best, clear sound in any location. We own the Sennheizer wireless system and use it to record your vocals or to send all the audio from a sound board to our recorders in a convention/meeting room. When outdoors we use a blimp and/or fuzzy rat to remove wind noise. Watch our Capabilities Video.

Importance of post production: For unwanted sounds that are out of our control, like air vents and noise from your work environment, we will reduce or eliminate them using powerful tools in Adobe Audition. Additional training in the “Sound Advice” class increased my knowledge of audio equipment for video recording and sound mixing.

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