Clipping Paths

I am now offering clipping paths:

I have developed a faster way to create clipping paths so you get them fast, often on the same day the product photos are delivered for smaller quantities. I can deliver a high-res PSD and a PNG at 72 dpi for web use.

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Product Photos and Videos

When Noraxon came to me with a request for product photos and videos of 40 items I knew I had to create a new workflow for maximum efficiency. The two services became one. I started with a strobe set on the left for the photos and a hot light set on the right to record the video clips. I made a turntable and painted it white so I could rotate the table top when it was important to see 2 or 3 sides of that product. Tests were done to match color with both sets and test the rotation. 4’ x 4’ sheets of foam core were placed on the turntable for the larger kits. These kits with up to 30 items were set up on the turntable where both the photo and video were captured with the same camera to become even more efficient. The video was recorded and played beck in slow motion to ensure smooth motion.

I created the simplified GIF below as a sample of the product videos.

Animated GIF.

When you need product photos and videos go to the photographer with years of experience in each medium.

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Large Product Photography

No matter what the challenge with large product photography, Trotto is up to it.

Assembling the sophisticated medical device.

The Cranial Imager, used to map the shape of an infants brain, required 30 photos on green screen. It was photographed on location at Atom in Scottsdale. Atom is the product development company for Cranial. To accomplish this Trotto and Frank Salle created a wide green screen studio using both cloth and paper materials. Then the set was carefully lit to allow the background mask to be cut.

Cisco provided Trotto with a lengthy 10 page document specifying the exact specs for the tonal range of the photos. Here’s the catch. They didn’t allow post processing. The RAW images were to be delivered with blacks and whites at a certain level. A test shoot was necessary to establish the camera settings. The final shoot was done at Avnet where they assembled the racks and servers. Frank Salle was technical adviser.

The 14” Pocket Digital Calibration Target by Photovision is normally used for color balance. For Cisco/Avnet it was used in the testing and the final shots to check that the black and the white values matched Cisco’s specifications for product photography.

When you have special challenges for large product photography give Trotto a call. No challenge is too great. He also has years of experience photographing large RV’s for Cruise America. Check out Trotto’s product photography.

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Audio for Food and Beverage Videos

The sizzle helps you taste the food and just hearing a beer being poured into a glass can crank up your thirst. Most of the audio for food and beverage videos is recorded separately for the best quality and, keep in mind, there is no audio recorded with slow motion video. For the slow motion clips I formed the visuals in the timeline first. Then I knew how long the sound had to be to sync with the visuals. Watch the video.

A match ignites in a fraction of a second but in this video the match took 7 seconds to ignite (1/8 speed). I slowed the speed of the audio clip to 40% and duplicated it on 2 more audio tracks with some overlap to cover the 7 seconds. The beer pour was done in a similar way. The “plop” sound of the olives dropping into the martini glass required a speed of just 35% for the audio clip. Sound is important and audio for food and beverage videos has it’s own unique chalenges.

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Lighting Food & Beverage Videos


Did you ever hear the term “You eat with your eyes”? Food should look good. You should see the texture of the food and want to taste it. Arguably, the most important part of production may be lighting food & beverage videos. First you backlight the food. Use a soft box to resemble window light coming from behind the table. Then add a kicker light at a low angle to add texture to the food. Use a spot light or barn doors to concentrate the light on the food first, then some light can spill onto the tabletop and other props if it adds to the ambiance. Here is a link to the video.

Glass and translucent beverages require backlighting to show the color of the beverage and make them glow.

I will color balance the cameras to the main light which will be white. Then I add gels to the kicker and side lights to add warmth to the food and/or the table top as I did from both sides of the beer set in the above image.  1/2 CTO or a full CTO filter works well to create the ambiance of a restaurant or amber lights in a home.

Cameras and lenses:
Selective focus is important to draw the attention to the food or drinks you are promoting. I will record with 2 cameras for 2 different angles for pouring beverages or when recording slow motion. I like to record the action in normal speed as well to have that option in post. In post I may also blur what is not important. I may soften some background props if they draw the viewers eye away from the featured item. Using the gaussian blur in post is important because I can match the look of the 2 cameras because the depth of field may differ according to the focal length of the lens or the distance from the product when recording.

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Lighting Equipment

Whether you have a microchip or a 30 foot RV we have the lighting equipment for your product photos. We have enough strobes to light almost any room or building.

A few of the different lighting options from diffused to spot.

A few of the different lighting options from diffused to spot.

I personally enjoy the challenge of lighting different subjects in various locations as well as in the studio, and it doesn’t matter if the product is reflective or translucent. We have photographed people in just about every place for business portraits, lifestyle and sports. Give us a challenge, we’re ready for it.

Cross Training Gets Results

Cross training for runners builds flexibility and strength in muscles that running alone would not. Cross training for photographers is when we develop skills in one specialty that strengthen another. In this case our Architectural assignments developed our HDR and retouching muscles which were then used to produce better product shots and do it faster which enabled us to complete 36 photos on location in one day.
_JT_1844_cab_seat_up_600WWe lit the cab interior with both strobes and reflectors Which had to be placed so as to not create objectionable reflections off the camper. In order to sync with the strobes the shutter speed cannot be set any faster than 1/200 second. With the aperture set at F9 for the proper exposure for the interior our sky was blown out. We bracketed the exposures to get one image with good sky tones and one image with detail in the darker interior parts. Back at the studio we composite the images in the computer to get one image with good tonal range in the sky and in the shadows.
Cruise Comp, int & equipTight interior spaces were lit with two small battery powered strobes with help from two studio strobes, run off a generator, spraying light through the windows.
A lengthy scout trip rendered this dramatic backdrop for the camper photos that was, for the most part, unaffected by winter with a green landscape and open spaces. many RV campsites were brown and crowded. We had to remove the side walk and parking lines in all the exterior photos and in some interior shots to show the camper parked at an RV campground.
_JT_1941_600WCross training gets results: Within two  weeks the cruise America photos were published in the US, Canada and Germany.

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Studio Product Photography

Although I don’t promote myself as a product photographer, My knowledge of lighting and Photoshop enable me to produce high end product ads like this one for Alford & Hoff, cologne for men. The bottle was back lit on a white background, then stripped out and added to the brown background which is simply a photo of the product packaging that was enlarged and diffused. This way a customer can recognize the box in a store without showing the box in the ad. In Photoshop I created the reflection on the tabletop. The color, full-page ad is running in in the USA Today in New York, Chicago and LA. See more product photography.Alford & Hoff ad

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