DSLR Shutter Speeds and ND Filters for video

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When you shoot video with your DSLR camera you should use 1/50 (for 24P) or 1/60 (for 30P) second shutter speeds. You can vary that slightly but fast shutter speeds will give your motion a strobing effect; slower than 1/40 will give you too much blur when you pan. When shooting in full sun use a neutral density filter (ND) to achieve the shallow depth of field look. I use the Heliopan 82mm screw-on filters in 1, 2 and 3 stop increments, (Grey ND 0,3 – 0,6 and 0,9 respectfully). The ND 0,9 will bring you from F16 to F5.6. With a few step-up rings they will fit all of my Canon lenses which are 67, 77 and 82 mm filter size. There are many other options for ND filters if you prefer to use a matt box on your lens but this size also fits my Panasonic HVX200 lens. I have used the 1 stop ND filter indoors by a bright window to get the exact F stop for that subject.

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