How Output Affects Video Production Pricing


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Download a Video Production Job Outline here.

At this point in the production we have written a script, had at least one production day to record footage, and we have a rough edit. The output is the last step but it is critical to know how and where the video will be viewed to export it with the proper formats, frame rates, etc. Output for broadcast requires that all stages of production/editing are carried out at the highest quality level. So let us know if your customers will view your video on the web, from a DVD, or broadcast.

For web videos you may upload it to YouTube or Vimeo as high def or standard def  or put it right on your site in which case I would need to know the frame size. For timely information you may chose to do a live webcast. This has higher production costs.

DVDs may be distributed anywhere but keep in mind that Europe, the Middle East, parts of South America and Africa are on the PAL system which uses different encoding. The US, Canada, Japan and parts of South America are NTSC.  We produce Blu-Ray or SD DVDs and the cover art. Duplication, and distribution are other considerations. If a DVD is to be played to an audience in a large room we may want to increase the size of the text. A looping DVD could be used at a trade show booth.

Broadcasting through local or cable stations will result in the highest video production pricing. Duration, luminosity, saturation, and audio levels must meet tight specifications. Most stations require different codecs so distribution is more costly not to mention buying the airtime. I will not elaborate on this further as the web has taken the lead roll for broadcasting because it costs next to nothing and it’s far more flexible as to content, duration and your video will be viewable 24/7.

I back up all work on 2 hard drives. One of which is a raid-5 protected Drobo. If you require a copy of all footage, assets and the project file there will be a fee for an external drive.

So, what does it cost? I can’t give you an accurate answer until you have provided the information discussed in this blog including part 1 and 2. Luckily most videos do not involve everything presented here. Of the 25 videos that I have produced or was the director of photography for the fees range from below $2,000 to $18,000. Many simple videos may fall in the $4 – 6 K range.

To sum it up, Think it through start to finish, assemble your assets (photos, logos, etc.), set up  a meeting with us so that we can add the creative aspects and you will be on your way to a successful video like the one produced for this satisfied client, read below.

“I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all the good work you and your team did on our video shoot.  What was supposed to be a quick, 20 minute video address turned into a 40 minute production that you and your staff handled flawlessly, not once, but twice!
The final product has been a huge hit….   Its positive impact cannot be overstated; I have had several investors write to say they didn’t understand the Conversion Transactions until after they watched the video.
Again, thank you for your professionalism and guidance through this project and I am looking forward to working with you again in the future!”
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