How to learn Photoshop or Final Cut Pro


Designers, photographers and videographers, anyone up for getting smarter? You can learn from schools, seminars, webinars or books. I’ve done them all, most recently I’ve used the books from the Apple Pro Training Series and Adobe Press (pictured below) along with a few other books on cinematography and video production.   I prefer the self-paced learning from books.  This method fits around my work and family schedule. I’ve ordered most of them from Peachpit Press.

Being a visual person, I remember more of what I see than what I read. So, I recently tried the video tutorials from The instructors explained everything in a clear, concise way, and, unlike college, when your mind wanders you can just scrub the video back and play it again or pause the video if you are an avid note taker like I am. I’ve used for Apple’s Motion 3 and Color. Now I feel more comfortable diving into the complexities of 3D motion graphics.

It can cost as little as $25 per month or pay for a year, $250, and you can download the files used in the lessons. Check it out. You will be amazed at how many tutorials there are.

So, here’s to more brain power:

3,000 pages for video and Photoshop

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