I bought my first Nikon F2 camera while attending college at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts. I learned photography while studying business, so, naturally, I knew what businesses needed from a commercial photographer. From my first photos of sail boats along the Charles River to my most recent commercial assignment I have never lost the excitement of seeing my images on Kodachrome or in digital form. I was forever hooked.

After college I traveled around the country with a few friends and landed in Phoenix. I started shooting for The Pointe Resorts in 1979 when it was just one hotel building and 2 restaurants at the Squaw Peak location. In 1980 I opened my commercial photography business. The same excitement that I had for my first photos came back when I learned Photoshop in 2002. This broadened my creativity and the impact that my photos would have through compositing different images like the photo of my son Justin sharing his ice cream cone with a lion.

The constant desire for better storytelling through my images led me into video production in 2007. I was able to re-live the same feeling of creating my first photos but this time they had motion and sound! And, I could apply my 29 years of experience with lighting to the video production sets. Just as Photoshop opened my eyes to a new way to see things with photography, editing changed my whole perspective on video production. The power of non-linear editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects expanded my creativity and control with the captured footage. Now, I’m also hooked on video.

Education: BS in Marketing at Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Hobbies: Bicycling, yoga, hiking and watching my children’s dance and sporting events.