Matching the 5D to the Panasonic HVX200 (revised 2/1/11)


The “look” of your video is personal and can be obtained in post but if you start with all your footage looking similar it will save time in editing. First, I set the 5D Mark II to the Neutral picture style and I left the contrast and saturation at zero (default). I saved this setting to the “User Def. 1” setting in the picture style menu.  Then I saved all the camera settings, shutter speed, ISO, WB, etc. to the C1 mode dial.  Now, no matter what I’ve been using the camera for I can turn to the C1 mode dial and be ready to shoot video, and, match another 5D to my footage by saving the same settings on the second camera. After a few tests I thought that the HVX200 looked similar with the Scene File dial set to “Cine V”. Rich colors matched well but more subtle colors like the dark beige stucco on the outside of my home shifted toward magenta. Magenta and green are accented for the “Cinelike” scene file on the HVX200. So, I reset the scene file dial to Scene file 1, normal, and, in the Scene File menu I increased the chroma level slightly for more saturation and decreased the Master Pedestal slightly for richer blacks. After much testing, my gray card, primary colors, skin tones and stucco matched well. Adjustments to saturation and contrast can be done in post for both cameras to suit the subject matter. Now, there’s still that depth of field thing.

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