Natural Looking Architectural Interiors


interior photoNo lights were used in these photos. Most architectural interiors have a contrast range that is too wide for the CMOS sensors to capture in a single exposure. Extensive lighting equipment has been used for years. The new technique, called HDR (High Dynamic Range), uses digital technology and software to create the images, not lighting equipment. Now we bracket the exposures, taking as many as 11 photos to cover the brightness range of the interior scene. These photos are composited into one image that holds detail in all areas. However the image is flat and lacks saturation. This image is brought into Photoshop and enhanced using 7 – 10 adjustment layers to achieve the results you see here, a natural looking photograph. This technique is less intrusive on the property since there are no lights to set up and no cords for your customers/employees to trip over. It is the most cost effective way to standardize your brand across multiple markets. These are 2 of the 28 HDR images recently completed for Ashton Woods Homes in Austin, Texas.

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