Need to Backup Huge Files?


Large video and photo files have created the need for safe, no-hassle backup of data. I am going with the Drobo, a 4 bay external unit from Data Robotics. Each bay can hold any manufacturer’s 3.5″ SATA drive of any capacity. That’s right, they don’t have to match. It uses their own “BeyondRAID” disk management system. I will start with two 1TB Western digital drives. If one drive fails my data is backed up. When I add a third drive I will be covered in the event of two drives failing. If my storage needs grow suddenly I can install four 2 TB drives for a total storage of 8 TB.
The Drobo connects with FW 800. Setup and management of data is simple. For larger storage needs look at the DroboPro. It has 8 bays.

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