New Challenges in Factories


Recording video in a factory with precision water jet and laser cutters can create some problems. Flying water, sparks and laser hot spots could damage equipment. We did our homework. We prepared a water proof GoPro camera to get closeups and we tested the mics and audio recorders to prevent distorted sound near the loud machinery.

Once these cutters were turned on we did not have much time to make adjustments to the settings for video exposure and audio recording as some parts were cut in a matter of seconds so we arrived ready to record. 

To protect us:

Safety glasses were necessary and earplugs were used but optional. As with all our jobs during the pandemic, face masks were worn by the crew for the duration.

MarZee employee with safety glasses

To protect the cameras and lenses:

Scouting the location was necessary to determine how far the water spray and sparks would fly. We determined that longer lenses would provide the necessary close ups and keep the cameras at a safe distance and used ladders for the proper angle.  The laser’s hot spot did not damage the camera’s sensor. The GoPro was a good backup but was not used.

Protect audio recording from excessive amplitude and distortion.

Tests were done in my studio with a loud blender to set the cameras amplitude low enough to avoid distorted sound and the limiter was set as a safety net. Microphones were set at -20 dB. 

The audio of the factory was deleted in post in favor of much more pleasant music and to hear the voice over.  Watch the video here.

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