New GoPro capabilities for a Video Cameraman


The GoPro camera is small, light, and versatile. We put it on the ground and drive or run over the top of it. We raise it up on a boom pole to get high angle shots that only a jib could reach but without spending hours to assemble. We put it inside of things like car bumpers to show suspensions. It wirelessly transmits the image to an iPad so we see what it sees wherever it is. We own every mounting bracket made plus a few of our own so we can put it just about anywhere (car, bike, head, helmet).

The little guy is tough. It handles vibration and water like no other video camera. It will go down to a depth of 600 feet. Any video cameraman could have fun with it but when we set it to the proper ProTune settings and then convert the files With Studio 2 software for editing it produces a beautiful image comparable to the Canon 5d MkII.  When editing it offers even more flexibility. We shoot at 2.7K which gives us an image that is 50% larger than 1080 HD so now we can crop or do a slow pan in without sacrificing quality. We record fast action videos at 60 frames (fps) then process them for a 30 fps timeline for smooth slow motiion. Samples from 2 productions will be in the video portfolio by the end of November, 2013.

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