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Ultra slow motion can be used as a visual effect or as a product performance demonstration. The visual effects we have all seen in movies and commercials. In my latest video production services I have recently been using an ultra slow motion camera from Broadcast Rentals to show how well a product performs in lab tests. NCS Labs in Tempe, AZ performed shake table tests on new products to see how well they will perform when used in the transportation industry. The rate of vibration on the product was varied from 5 Hz to 30 Hz. The final video showed the products successful performance at various rates of vibration.

Sony FS700 Camera 600px wide

The Sony FS700 camera can record up to 480 frames per second in 1080 HD (960 in standard Def.). For my videos the product engineers told me that 240 fps would be sufficient. The camera shoots in 9 second bursts then it stops to write the images to the SD memory card. So at 240 fps it recorded 2160 full HD 1080P frames in 9 seconds which are temporarily stored in the buffer then written to the SD card. When played back in a 30 fps timeline those 2160 frames will make a one minute and twelve second video (1:12). While the product tested is still confidential you may see other slow motion samples in my video portfolio.

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