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The ASMP, a guild of professional photographers, has set up a Tutorial on their web site to help still shooters who want to learn video. Providing motion as well as stills is seen as an important step to remain competitive in this industry. I was flattered to be chosen as one of the 14 photographers in the US to contribute information and experience to this new feature for members. This would have been helpful information for me 3 years ago when I began to purchase equipment and software, and learn the video production industry.

Although the 14 photo-videographers use different equipment and provide a wide variety of services, the tutorial can guide those interested. The equipment and software is more complex than that which is used in digital photography, and the learning curve is longer.

The tutorial on video addresses many business questions such as usage rights, whether to be a camera person or producer, rates for the various people in a production (DP, camera, director, etc.), invoicing and marketing the two businesses.

Here is a link to the new video page on the ASMP web site. (American Society of Media Photographers)

You may need to be a member and log in to read beyond the first page.

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