Photoshop; Advanced Retouching


Cruise America hired us to photograph the interiors of 3 RVs. Here’s the challenge, all photos were done in their corporate headquarters in Mesa, AZ.

We used 4 Dynalites with 2 power packs casting light in through the windows. These strobes lit most of the interiors. We used one Travelite inside to fill any shadows. It was tight toward the back of the RV with a tripod and one light stand.  But, it was with Photoshop; advanced retouching that made the final images.

Post Production, Photoshop: Window cutouts were done using the quick selection tool and the polygonal lasso tool.

Angle of view perspective was critical:

The scenic photo of wooded area had to be added with the proper perspective. When the camera was pointing down I had to show more ground outside the windows. To do this I enlarged the scenic photo so I could drag it up and show more ground outside. Without this perspective correction the RV appeared to be tipping.

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