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You want your marketing photos now but the weather doesn’t co-operate or you are still under construction what do you do?

Hire me. 🙂 I provided 50 architectural photos for Ashton Woods homes in Atlanta when it rained for 2 days and then frost covered everything for the next 2 mornings. I got all the shots during the 4 production days scheduled. Then I spent a few days retouching. Aside from what I normally do, which is to remove the sales office and trap fence, I had to remove puddles, wet streets and cover bare trees and dead grass. The Photoshop terms are compositing, layering and masking.

For the images shown here I had to recreate the garage door which was mostly covered with bushes and bare tree branches. (There were no completed models of this elevation in the new community.) Once the landscaping was removed I had to redraw the rest of the door. Then the door was copied twice to cover the other garage entrances. I removed much of the landscaping and signs and added 2 driveways. I melted the frost off the roof by cloning good roof tiles. I removed the bare tree branches on the left and added leaves to a few trees in the background. I brought the dead grass back to life and added some new sod.

woodstock_knoll_greenville_front_final__72dpiAshton Woods’ customers  will buy THIS home, not the sales office.

Retouching architectural photos is just one of the many photography services that I offer. I retouch portraits and product photos as well.

See more samples in the “Retouching” Gallery here.

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