Saving Your Video Settings on the 5D Mk II


When you need to shift quickly from shooting stills to recording video it is easier to just change the mode dial and have your favorite settings dialed in. Before a shoot, set up the camera for video in the “M”, manual mode using the “Live View/Movie func set” in the Tool 2 menu. Be sure to set your shutter speed to about 1/50 or 1/60. Then go to the “Camera user setting” in the Tool 3 menu and register (save) the settings to one of the custom modes on the mode dial (C1 or C2). Then when you need to capture a video clip you can just change the mode dial. It is important to remember that if you change any setting, say you change the aperture from F4 to F5.6, and then turn off the camera, when you turn it back on the C1 mode dial will not show the new F stop. So, I recommend that when you change any settings, you re-save your settings to the C3 mode dial. This can be done more quickly if you save your favorite menu items to the “My Menu” (star menu) and set it to open first when the Menu button is pressed. You can check your settings while recording video by pressing the “Info” button once to see the current aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. Now for the easy part, when you need a raw photo just press the shutter button. I prefer to stop recording video first to avoid the 1 second still frame.

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