Stupidly Simple Video


Logo SS Title Cards 3000px w“Stupidly Simple” is the slogan used by Vita Coco for their coconut water beverage. It also fits the “Behind the Scenes” video we did for Vita Coco. A few blogs ago I did a 3 part series about how preparation is vital to the success of your video. The script and storyboards are the important guides for production and editing. Well, not so for a documentary style video like this one. There is still a lot of preparation for the equipment to be used but there is no need for a script, just questions for the interview portion of the video.
Arenado interview.Still001Nolan Arenado, The 3rd baseman for the Colorado Rockies, was our celebrity athlete. We loved the creative freedom of grabbing clips on the fly while Chris Sojka of Madwell in New York captured stills for the print ad campaign. Frank Salle and I were the videographers. 2 cameramen operated 6 cameras! We used 3 Canon 5Ds, 2 GoPros for the time lapses and even an iPhone 6 for a few clips.
GoPro interview w cameras.Still0014 lights with diffusion gave general illumination in the studio. 3 Mole Richardson lights were used as props and 3 Kino Flo lights were used on Nolan Arenado. Nolan was loose and relaxed and managed to smile and laugh for the 6 hours it took to complete the photoshoot and the interview. I doubled as the sound guy and recorded the interview with a Zoom audio recorder.

Watch the video here.

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