Our cameras, the 6' dolly, 10' crane and Glidecam.

Our cameras, the 6′ dolly, 10′ crane and Glidecam.

We own four professional cameras, two Canon DSLRs, a Panasonic and, for tight or wet situations, a GoPro. The Canon cameras with the full size sensor produce beautiful images with less noise and a shallow depth of field which directs the viewers attention to the subject in focus. They are very versatile. We have one 50mm prime lens and 4 zoom lenses which cover from 16mm wide angle to 500mm. We have custom settings preset to quickly move from a controlled set to a run-and-gun situation so we won’t miss anything. We have another custom setting (flat CineStyle) for contrasty lighting on location that we cannot control. We’ll record it flat, then enhance the footage in post. Of all of the professional video camera equipment the Canon cameras are the best tool for low light situations.

The Panasonic is great for recording longer events, conventions and meetings. It’s also our go-to camera when we use the jib because it can be controlled from the base of the jib arm.

The GoPro fits just about anywhere, it’s waterproof and shock resistant. we can mount it just about anywhere; front wheel suspension, on the spoiler of a race car, atop a 24 foot boom pole, on an athlete’s head, and in a puddle to get shots not possible with other cameras. With built in Wi-Fi we can monitor what the camera is seeing from our iPad.

The GoPro adds exciting shots not possible with other cameras.

The GoPro adds exciting shots not possible with other cameras.

How do we move the cameras? We own 2 fluid head tripods, a 6’ dolly, a 10’ jib and a GlideCam.

Importance of Post production: With professional color grading we can match the look of different cameras and different settings.