Video: Secondary color correction using SpeedGrade


I had fun creating this video. I wanted to select the skin tones on my face and change the color to match the words.
Changing colors NORMAL 600wAs I talk about the diverse climates in Arizona my face changes color. Here I have normal skin tones. Snow created in After Effects.

Changing colors BLUE 600wNow I am talking about floods in the desert that make you feel “Blue”.

Changing colors RED 600 w“But most of the time here in the desert it’s just plain hot.”

What does this mean for your video? Any color that is not right can be changed. Or, you might just want to tweak the contrast, saturation, or tint of one area in a clip. It is easy to tweak these characteristics globally which is the “Primary color correction”. “Secondary color correction using SpeedGrade” is more difficult as the color to be changed must be carefully selected using hue, contrast and saturation sliders to finely adjust the area (color) to be changed. Making a good selection is the key here just as making good selections is important to be proficient in Photoshop. Then, different sets of sliders (controls) are used to improve the hue, contrast and saturation.

Changing Colors green screen 600wThe original footage recorded with green screen. Camera; Canon 5D mkII.

The applications used for this short video:
Premiere Pro too create the timeline and key out the green screen.
Audition to clean up the audio as I used modeling lamps on studio strobes to light the set. Each of the 4 heads has a loud fan. I made a noise print of this sound and removed it from the audio track without altering to pitch of my voice (a sore throat made my voice a bit raspy that day).
After Effects to create the snowflakes using the particle emitter and changing 8-10 parameters.
SpeedGrade for secondary color adjustments.

SpeedGrade is a great program to improve the look of any video. We use different scopes for making these changes. Primary tonal adjustments are made first to each clip globally to bottom out the blacks and adjust the mid tones and highlights to give the image more pop. Once the tones of each clip are improved the color can be adjusted using the RGB Parade scope. If there is a color cast the Paraade scope makes it easy to balance the red, green and blue channels.

I have included stills but the video is not yet loaded to my Vimeo site. When I do a link will appear.

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