Video Portfolio

Trotto has produced TV spots and corporate videos since 2007. With more than 35 years in commercial photography, he has a trained eye for composition and lighting. Providing Video capture and editing in 4K and aerials for a dramatic statement.

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Due to the very subject of this documentary, the coronavirus, the crew on this project was reduced to one, me. In person interviews were recorded with only one camera. Remote interviews were recorded in 1080 HD with GoToMeeting.

Produced and Directed by Jodi Deros, Atom Design. Director of Photography – Editor John Trotto. Camera and timelapse – Frank Salle. Motion Graphics by Justin Katz, Flock of Pixels.

This manufacturing video was produced and edited by Patricia Thornham of PT Design. Trotto was responsible for camera setup and organizing the media for the edit.

For your next video production in Arizona see what Trotto’s team brings to the table as far as skills, experience and equipment.

See how lighting and slow motion can enhance your food & beverage videos.

Pro receiver Michael Floyd for Vita Coco Coconut Water. Produced and Directed by Madwell, New York. Video cameras and lighting by John Trotto and Frank Salle. Sound recording and editing by John Trotto.

The Colorado Rockies’ Nolan Arenado for Vita Coco Coconut Water. Produced and Directed by Madwell, New York. Director of Photography & Editor – John Trotto. Cameraman  – Frank Salle.

Retouching a photo: This video shows how I retouch an architectural photo. The original Photoshop Document was used to make this video.

Ultra slow motion camera operator: John Trotto

PSA for Special Olympics; Producer, editor and DP – John Trotto. Cameraman – Frank Salle. Directed by Elaine Selmier.

Directed by Jodi DeRoss of Atom Design. John Trotto, DP and editor.

This training video shows how to create natural architectural photos without lights. Edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

This sales video and an alternate version are selling reconditioned RVs for Cruise America and Cruise Canada. 2nd camera operator; Frank Salle. Voice Over; Giselle Fox. DP/editor; John Trotto

This animation was shot on a blue screen with a Panasonic P2 camera. It was edited with Final Cut Pro. Directed by Jodi DeRoss of Atom Design

This 3D motion graphics video was created in After Effects. It showcases a career in commercial photography.