Video Production Checklist and Job Outline

Creating and producing a great video requires a lot of planning, Preparation is the key to a great video and meeting your budget. Listed below are some of the key ingredients and considerations to think about when planning for a video production.

Click here to download a Video Production Outline that can help you create a great video.

1) Main Objective of Video
Sales, training, commercial, PSA, trade show, broadcast or web
Estimated length. Who is your audience and how (where) will they view it?

2) Re-purpose, if any.
Will some footage be used in another video, web or broadcast. Is there old footage that we will add to this new video? If so what format is it in (720 or 1080 HD or 4K UHD)?

3) Script and/or Storyboards
Written by staff or scriptwriter? Who will approve the script? A very important step to determine content and length.

4) Voice Over or On-Camera
Hired talent or employee? If on-camera, is a teleprompter needed? Makeup/Stylist, wardrobe

5) Include Interviews or Testimonials
Clients or employees, how many and at what location?

6) Shoot Location(s) and extra equipment: If at clients location what are the sound issues, phones, intercom, heavy equipment, airport nearby. Does this production require camera moves, Do you need a dolly roll, jib (camera crane) or steady cam operator.
Is chroma key needed (green screen)? Use the studio or is there a large room for the set including background and 6 lights?

7. Edit: Will you include graphics, logos, photos, screen captures. You must provide names and titles for those in the video for lower thirds titles. This must be provided to the editor before editing begins. A rough draft with timecode will be provided according to the script. Client will make changes and note the timecode.

8. Music: Original score? (costly). Editor or client selects music. We have several referrals for purchasing music.

9. Output to DVD: Seldom used anymore. We can output both a regular DVD and Blu-Ray. Today a presentation video is played from a computer or even a thumb drive connected to an LCD TV.

10. Output for web:  Will we format the video for YouTube or Vimeo? Usually it is at 1080 HD but I can also output 720 HD. Clients web site designer can embed the video onto their site. If it will be put on your web site we need to know the frame size for the video.

11. Deliverables:
  Completion date. Normally we use Dropbox for all preview and final videos of 3 minutes or less.

12. Backup for client: Does the client require a backup of all footage and the final project to keep on site? This often requires the purchase of an external drive. Trotto backs up all jobs for 5 years on 2 raided drives.

13. Output for broadcast: We need to have a list of stations as they each have strict requirements for video and audio.