Why should you hire a Photographer for your Video?


An experienced photographer can solve lighting challenges.

CEO Bill Stockwell with the RASER

We arrived at Elliptical Mobile Solutions prepared to shoot a 3 minute video for their RASER product, a 1,000 pound mobile container for servers. We were shocked to find the large product tucked into a small room (16′ x 16′) with 3 walls entirely of mirrors and a low ceiling! The product was made of reflective metal. We now had light and sound bouncing off the product and the three mirrored walls.
The reflections from the metal and the mirrors were eliminated by using 2 large moving blankets to the right of the product. The blankets are not normally a part of our lighting kit. One small 500w Rifa soft box and a 300 watt Mole Richardson fresnel lit the right side from just over the blankets. A medium Chimera box (750w) provided the main light from camera left.  That was all the equipment we could fit in the small room. Keep in mind we needed latitude for 6′ dolly rolls left and right.  Black cloth and gaffer tape on the mirrors masked off any remaining problem areas.
An hour and a half later we were ready for a sound test in this echo chamber. Our blankets eliminated echoes from camera right. The mirror at camera left was covered with a 12′ x 12′ silk normally used for lighting. The silk extended back behind the camera.
All reflections and echoes were eliminated. The client’s comment on the final video…”I love it, love it, love it!

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