Your Guide to Obtaining a Great Video


Part 3: Editing

Need more motivation to create a company video? In the near future 90% of information will be learned through videos. During the process of creating your video remember that even a feature length movie will evolve/change from the script to the production to the edit room so stay flexible and patient to the end. The on-camera talent can add their own color and the story could morph once again in the edit suite.

SO PSA ;30 Hi-five.Still002For the Special Olympics PSA we recorded the voice over, and edited the :30 spot, in English and Spanish. A composer produced the music to direct the viewers’ emotions.

1. Provide the editor with all assets before editing begins. This may include logos, graphics, photos, music, text and/or existing footage. All of the above should be in the highest resolution possible. We will down-res the files for the video format. Music should not be in the MP3 format as it is a low quality. Use AIF or WAV. Provide names and titles of employees appearing in the video for lower thirds captions.
2. The editing may have three sessions:
A. The rough cut with timecode so that you can make precise comments to the editor as to changes. This is usually in a small    standard Def form.
B. Second stage with edit changes plus the audio mix for Dialogue and music.
C. Final with finishing touches which include Color correction and color grading plus audio enhancement for maximum impact. I’ve strengthened my skills for recording and editing sound with the Sound Advice Class. It’s a good compliment to my 35 years experience in commercial photography.

3. Be careful not to oversaturate your audience. Constant dialogue and text on screen for the duration or your video can be too much for your audience to ingest.
4. Audio, how we influence the viewer:
A. Dialogue tells the story
B. Music tells them how they should feel at that moment in the video.
5. Output: Where will your video be seen? Will it be for broadcast, Vimeo, YouTube or a set frame size for your web site.
6. Backup: Do you require a separate backup to keep on your premises? We back up all projects on two different raided drives for a period of 5 years.
7. Analytics: We can provide simple analytics as to the number of views and from which countries if the video is hosted on our Vimeo site.

Call me for a meeting and you will be on your way to obtaining a great video.

John Trotto 480 759-6500

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